Decibel Frequency

Decibel Frequency was a weekly electronica club night in Regina, SK, Canada from 2005-2013. Now it just does one off shows about every other month or so. It showcases local, national and international DJs and LIVE music talent. D_F also currently represents DJs and promotes other similar events in Regina, SK, Canada and beyond. 

DJ Arek3xSL

One of the co-founders of Decibel Frequency. While on the run from the KGB after escaping communist Poland, Arek3xSL has been part of North America's underground for over 20 years. Hiding out in clubs under the cover of the fog machine and in venues disguised by creative lighting and elaborate decor, Arek slowly infiltrated the music scene. With a music style as dynamic as his drinking skills, partygoers will never know what to expect from trance/psy  to Detroit techno/minimal, the only thing we can guarantee is that you will be shaking your ass until he leaves the decks.. possibly back into hiding like the Polish outlaw he is.. or more likely, to wherever he keeps his beer. 

Latest mix for UMFM Radio in Winnipeg  MB, Canada.